DEEPsound earpods

custom-Fitted earbuds for the love of music

individually made for you to provide a truly extraordinary sound experience

Earphones work so much better if they are customised to the shape of your ear. And embedding them in soft material is always better than hard. Soft materials move as you move – did you know that when you talk or chew your ear changes shape? Our custom-fitted earbuds also adapt to the shape of your ear as it subtly changes shape with changes in your hydration and body weight.

DEEPSOUND earpods are a hybrid between headphones and earphones and they give you a truly personalised experience that provides you with the best possible sound according to your choice of earphone. You’ll think you have a pair of speakers implanted in your head. And all this for much less – hundreds of pounds, dollars and euros less than some alternatives.


So how do you get a pair?

Place an order on the website and we’ll send you a kit that you’ll use to take an impression of your ears so we can make them for you in our lab. It’s very easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

You then send these back to us and we turn them into earpieces that perfectly mirror the shape of your ears and directs sound into your ear canal in a very special way. A way that is normally only experienced by professional musicians in studios or stars performing on stage (but at a far more affordable price).

Once we get your ear impressions, we make a pair of soft pliable earbuds in the shape of your ears and embed a pair of quality earphones into them (or your own favourite earphones). These become the “living” part your earpods.

I remember the first time I listened to music this way. I was experimenting with an early design and I remember thinking this was something quite different to anything I had heard before (it was Marvin Gaye singing Let’s Get It On and I promise you I thought he was there in the room with me). I immediately knew I was onto something special.

What makes DEEPsound different?

DEEPsound earpods are completely different to conventional headphones and earphones in the sense that they are a hybrid of the two, with earbuds being made from an impression that is made of your ear (you can do this at home and we provide you with the bits and pieces to do this) and headsets that serve to gently push the earbuds into your your ear to optimise the sound.

The result is a listening experience that is equal to high-end headphones and significantly better than similarly priced headphones and earphones (in my opinion).

To order a pair, please visit the buy DEEP page and choose the option that works best for you.