The DEEPSOUND earpods Story

My name is John Bradley and I designed and created DEEPSOUND earpods; partly out of a love of music, but also from complete serendipity – a completely bizarre set of circumstances.

I’ve spent over a decade photographing and interviewing veterans of WWII – 40 of them in ten countries.

Anyway, I was on a night train in Ukraine traveling to meet some women who had fought as partisans and soldiers during the war (you can see some of my photos of them by clicking here). When two rather burly Ukrainian guys got into the sleeper compartment with me. As soon as they discovered I was a foreigner, they made me very welcome and brought out a two litre plastic bottle containing a mysterious looking brown liquid. It turned out this was home-made cognac. And we proceeded to drink it, making increasingly impassioned toasts along the way. I’m sure you can picture the jollity.

When the big guys eventually went to bed, they started snoring like crazy. I was astonished how loud it was, but I soon realised that when the train was moving, I could not hear them snoring. The white noise from the train on the tracks masked the sound of the snoring. I immediately thought I had a design opportunity on my hands – earphones with white noise for snoring. And this led to the creation of Zedphones – working with SleepPro (which I formed fifteen years ago).

While I was working on Zedphones I discovered that if you embed an earphone in a soft earbud that is custom-made in the shape of your ear, the sound is remarkable. I learned that if the earbuds fit your ears more-or-less perfectly, they sound so much better than earphones normal earphones. I now believe this is the future of listening to music with earphones and headphones, and that, basically, is what DEEPSOUND earpods are all about – changing the way we listen to music.

The custom-made elements are made in England and sent all over the world from there.


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