Our Bluetooth earpods are normally £99

now discounted to only £80:

Our standard wired earpods are normally £80

now discounted to only £70:

We send you all the bits you need to take impressions of your ears. You then send the impressions back to me and I set to work using a very clever process to embed earphones into your personalised earbuds.

You will also receive a dedicated headphone headband (without speakers). This further enhances the sound by gently applying pressure on the earbuds to get that wow experience.

DEEPSOUND earpods individually made (by a human) using impressions of your ears.

Earpods include the best available drivers embedded in earbuds that are the perfect shape of your ears. The result is a magnificently deep, rich and full sound.

The earbuds are individually made from two grades of soft material. And as a result are comfortable to wear. And they provide an enhanced connection between the speaker driver – that pumps out the sound – and your ear and ear canal, transferring the sound through cartilage and bone and directly into your ear canal. The result is astonishingly good and, I predict, this is the future of listening to music. DEEPSOUND earpods also come with a headband.

When you order a pair of DEEPSOUND earpods, we send you all the bits and pieces you need to make impressions of your ears. It’s very easy to do and there is a video to help you.


Coming in the second half of 2018:

DEEP CALM earpods give you a deeply calm space where you can escape everything meditate or pray. They will be priced at £120.

DEEP SLEEP earpods specifically designed to block and mask loud snoring and get you in sync with an alpha rhythm of sound – the audio equivalent of watching a log fire burning on a cold night. They will be priced at £160.

DEEP FLIGHT earpods specifically designed for letting you listen in peace while flying as a passenger long haul or city hopping. They will be priced at £120.