get more WOW out of your earphones

… a lot more wow! customise your earphones with a DEEPsound kits

DEEPSOUND earpod kits turn your earphones into the next best thing to in-ear-monitors for a fraction of the price.

You will be struck by how deep, rich and full the sound is when you retrofit your earhones with our DEEPsound earpod kits. It will give you an experience that will stir your love of music and take your listening pleasure to a new level.  They will almost certainly be different and better than your earphones are at the moment.


What makes DEEPsound different?

Our kits effectively take your earphones to the next level by building custom-fitted earbuds around your earphones. Making them fully personalised for your ears and your ears only.

But there’s more to DEEPsound earpod kits than that. What we provide is completely different from conventional earphones in the sense that they are a hybrid between earphones embedded in personalised earbuds and headphones, because we also provide bespoke headbands that serve to gently push the earbuds into your ear to optimise the richness of the sound.

You know from personal experience that simply pushing your earphones into your ears makes them sound better. Well we work with that principle, but also increase the surface area of the earbud that is in contact with your ear to the maximum. Basically the greater the area of contact, the fuller the sound.


With a conventional headphone the speaker sits in the headphone cup. With a DEEPsound earpod, the speaker is your earphone embedded in a perfectly moulded earbud in your ear. When you first try them, you’ll think you have a pair of speakers implanted in your head.

This means the earbuds make contact with a larger area of the ear and transfer the sound deeply into the ear – in a way that normal headphones and earphones can’t. This is why DEEPsound earpods have a much fuller sound. The result is a listening experience that is equal to high-end headphones and significantly better than similarly priced headphones and earphones.


We know that earphones work so much better if they are customised to the shape of your ear. And embedding them in soft material is always better than hard. Soft materials move as you move.

Did you know that when you talk or chew your ear changes shape? We use a specially developed material that is flexible and adapts to the shape of your ear as it subtly changes shape with changes in your hydration and body weight.

Our earbuds are comfortable to wear. And they provide an enhanced connection between the speaker driver – that pumps out the sound – and your ear and ear canal, transferring the sound through cartilage and bone AND directly into your ear canal. The result is astonishingly good. We believe this will change how people listen to music and is the future of listening to music.



So how do you get a kit?

Place an order on the website and we’ll send you a kit (just about anywhere in the world) that you’ll use to embed your earphones into our special material. It’s very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. There is a video to help you and if you have any questions, just ask and we’ll get back to you very quickly.

You’ll end up with a pair of earuds that perfectly mirror the shape of your ears and that direct sound into your ear canal in a very special way. A way that is normally only experienced by professional musicians in studios or stars performing on stage (but at a far more affordable price). The earbuds become the “living” part your earpods.

I remember the first time I listened to music this way. I was experimenting with an early design and I remember thinking this was quite different to anything I had heard before. It was Marvin Gaye singing Let’s Get It On and I promise you I thought he was there in the room with me. I immediately knew I was onto something special.

John Bradley

Founder of DEEPsound and Zedphones.

November 2018.


Coming at the beginning of 2019:

DEEP CALM earpods with Active Noise Cancelling earphones that give you a deeply calm space where you can escape from everything and meditate or pray.

DEEP SLEEP earpods are specifically designed to block and mask loud snoring and get you in sync with an alpha rhythm of sound – the audio equivalent of watching a log fire burning on a cold night. They are developed in tandem with Zedphones, which John Bradley developed specifically for snoring and sleeping in a loud environment. Zedphones are available now at

DEEP FLIGHT earpods specifically designed for letting you listen in peace while flying as a passenger on a long haul flight or city hopping.

To find out more, why not speak to us directly? Please click here.


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