DEEPSOUND earpods are sent all over the world from England and Portugal, and soon we will be despatching through partners in Tennessee and Australia.

I find the best way to explain DEEPSOUND and how I can make a pair for you and the cost and so on is to speak to you directly.

If you would like to chat with me via Skype, Whatsapp, Viber or Facebook Messenger, please reach out. Best time is between 10AM and 10PM UK time (see the World Clock to figure out the time in England from where you are) Monday to Saturday (Sunday afternoon please message me to work out a good time).

As a guide 10AM in England is 11AM in Cape Town, 5PM in Perth, 7PM in Sydney and 9PM in Auckland at this time of the year.

10PM in England is 5PM in New York and 2PM in LA.

Don’t be shy, say hi.

 – John

Founder, designer and maker.

Skype: John Martin Bradley.

Whatsapp and Viber: +351917940854

Facebook Messenger:

You can also email me directly at

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John Martin Bradley

John Bradley

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