How to take the moulds of your ears.

I have produced a video for this and the link is in your order confirmation email.

Some Suggestions for Optimal Listening

For most people most of the time, DEEPsound earpods are a doddle to fit and wear. However, if for some reason you have a problem, I encourage you to persevere until you have that “OK now I hear what all the fuss is about”. Contact us if you need help.


There is a sweet spot where the earbuds are in the right position in your ears. When you hit the sweet spot you can hear the difference. And when this happens, you are locked-and-loaded (apologies for the mixed metaphors, but we are breaking some rules and norms here).

More Juice

They may need more “juice” than normal earphones because they are pumping sound energy into a larger surface area in your ear and ear canal – this is why the sound so full. So you may need to turn up the volume to appreciate what your earpods have to offer (caveats regarding what loud music does to your hearing – i.e. it can make you deaf, so please use common sense). Having said that, a pre-amp may make you smile like a crazy person – however, I just use my phone normally and it is fine (using a pre-amp will almost certainly damage your hearing over time).

Finding the Sweet Spot

Sometimes, especially when you first get them, you may need just a little bit of patience to get them to connect with your ears in the sweet spot. With practice you will get the sweet spot every time.

They Get Better with Use

I have found, and people have backed me up on this, they get better with use. I’m still trying to figure out why, but they seem to sit in your ears better with use. And it is true the more you use them, the better you get at inserting them. And also your sound drivers can sound better as they “bed in”.

Playing with Your EQ

You may find you get a much better sound if you play around with the EQ settings on your device. I have found my Samsung phone and iPhone sound quite different with the same pair of earpods. And, as an aside, while I prefer my iPhone for most things, my Samsung is much better for playing music (IMHO).

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