Custom-Earpieces Retrofitted to Your Favourite Earphones

I can also retrofit your favourite earphones with custom-fitted earpieces. Or put another way, I can build custom-fitted earbuds around a pair of earphones you already own. You will notice a startling improvement to their sound.

To find out more about retrofitting your earphones, why not speak directly to John (the designer) via a video call, voice call, instant message, or email? Please click here.

Or you can just order by clicking here.

To get a picture of what your retrofitted earpieces will look like, imagine your earphones in place of the earphone in the following photos:

DEEPsound earpods

DEEPsound earpods

DEEPsound earpods

How does the order process work?

You will need to post your earphones to me when you return the ear impression kit I send you. I will then make a mould of your earphones so I can attach them seamlessly to your custom-fitted earbuds.

To begin with, we’ll send you all the bits you need to take impressions of your ears. You then send the impressions back to us (along with your earphones). And I set to work using a very clever process to embed your earphones into your personalised earbuds. These will sound much better than your earphones did on their own. The earbuds are soft and will last a long time. You will also receive a dedicated headphone headband (without speakers). This further enhances the sound by gently applying pressure on the earpieces to get that wow experience.


If they have this kind of earbud connector, I CAN retrofit them:

If they have this kind of earbud connector I CANNOT retrofit them:

I can’t use earphones that look like this, because there is nothing for me to “grab” hold of to attach the customised earbud.

If you are unsure whether of not your earphones are suitable, please email me a photo of them and I’ll get back to you with an answer pretty much straight away.




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