“I’ve definitely had more sex since I got my DEEPsound earpods.” Said one very satisfied customer.*

(… we ask you to please exercise your new-found prowess responsibly, safely and with compassion and respect). (1).

“He’s such a clever boy, but I do wish he’d get a proper job.” The designer’s aged mother.*

“Absolutely marvellous.” Said one paid reviewer.*

“These are really great. They even fit my ears perfectly” Vincent van Gogh.*

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I can’t hear a damned thing with them” Ludwig van Beethoven.*

“Better than a Toy Boy.” Said one grandmother.* (2).

“They taste great.” Said the designer’s husky.*

Amy the husky DEEPsound

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  1. DEEPSOUND earpods may not actually result in more sexual activity.
  2. DEEPSOUND earpods may not actually be better than a Toy Boy.

    *DEEPsound is new so I made-up these testimonials for fun.

    – John Bradley

    To order a pair of DEEPsound earpods, please visit our products page and choose the option that works best for you – either with your own earphones, or one of ours.

    If you have any questions, please ask us directly info@deepsound.co.

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